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What is the difference between a zend form decorator and a view helper? I want to use some awesome Jquery plugins for my form but finding hard to understand about decorators and view helpers, for example the following is the Twitter bootstrap CSS framework's javascript plugins

This is a multiple option autocomplete.

How to use these elements in my form?, if I want to create a re-usable code, these will be decorators or helpers?

I am new to Zend, in real time zend projects, custom HTML forms are used or Zend_Form.The forms were already created by a designer and given to me.

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What markup would be required for what you want to use, and what markup are you currently getting? –  Tim Fountain Sep 25 '12 at 20:22
It will be a <input> text.and some jquery code..As per what I read, I think i need to create custom jquery plugins as a view helper to print the html & jquery code. then create a custom form element and call the view helper in that, right?? but i donno how my jquery code will show up head section if do this, coz i referred ZendX library, this is how they do i think.. –  Karthik Sekar Sep 26 '12 at 20:38

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I would look at the existing ZF Partial View Helper and see if that meets your needs as is. You can then inject any third-party resources you need through other helpers.

Below is the relevant ZF docs. These are for 1.12, but if I recall my reading, this is fundamentally the same in 2.x.

Partial Helper


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