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I want to import an image in JOGL and want to make it background image. .

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I want a question explaining what you have done and the code you have written to try to do this. This is a question and answer board, not a place to make demands, please consider revising your question. –  Jyro117 Sep 25 '12 at 20:58

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Well, then feel free to use TextureIO which is capable of loading images, e.g. PNG files, into a Texture. Just check the unit test and grep for Texture / TextureIO - or look int the API doc. Having a valid Texture object, you can enable it and render a QUAD for example. Here is a unit test.

If you do the QUAD with max drawable boundaries, i.e. ortho2d projection and render something on top of it (z-coordinate), then you will 'feel' this image is a background image :)

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