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In my init I have this:

def __init__(self,parent,id):

and there is a function which shall destroy the Panel "newpanel" and rebuild it (and putting some buttons etc. in it):

def newpanelbuild(self,event):
    # creating some wx.Buttons, wx.TextCtrl's & wx.Choice

When I run my program, I don't get an error and when the event for "newpanelbuild" is activated, the correct panel is shown - but I can't click the buttons, textctrl & dropdowns in it... it looks like the panel is in the background / doesn't have the focus. So I tried adding "self.newpanel.SetFocus()" but it didn't helped. How can I solve this?

Edit: I just combined all my little questions to one big question: Need tutorial for menubar-handling & panel-building

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Why are you destroying the panel? You can just add the widgets to the original panel. What I would do is put the widgets that can change into a sizer and then just destroy the sizer or the sizer's children. You might also be interested in this tutorial on panel switching:

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Tahnks! But I just combined all my little questions to one big question:… – Munchkin Sep 26 '12 at 14:36

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