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I just want to set windowstartuplocation to top right corner of desktop. Now to clear some things up, I saw this thread with same question:

Changing the start up location of a WPF window

Now I don't want to get confused to what they are referring as right or left, I want my application to start in top right corner,where right refers to MY RIGHT SIDE(not as if my desktop is a person looking at me and ITS RIGHT SIDE).So,

1.)setting left and top to 0 only is not a solution(brings app to left side not right)

2.)I tried using SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenWidth, but I can't perform operation to subtract the width of my app from this value at binding time.

Is there a way I can do it without going into much complexity?

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Is there a way I can do it without going into much complexity?

The simplest way would be to setup your start location manually, and then set the Left property in code behind:

<Window x:Class="WpfApplication1.Window1" 
    Height="500" Width="500"

In your code behind:

public Window1()
    this.Left = SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenWidth - this.Width;

This is one place where I feel the simplicity of doing it in code outweights any disadvantages of introducing code behind.

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For people who want it to open left: stackoverflow.com/questions/1545258/… –  Hypenate Oct 19 at 10:53

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