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I would like to get an array from a pointer like this :

PointerByReference buf=new PointerByReference();
IntByReference len=new IntByReference(); 


Pointer p=buf.getValue();
JNAPoint jnaPoint=new JNAPoint(p);
JNAPoint[] points=(JNAPoint[])jnaPoint.toArray(len.getValue());

The prototype of the function is : void __declspec (dllexport) getPoints(point** tab,int* len);

The structure is : typedef struct _point { double x; double y; } point;

But, when I want to read the array "points", the values are wrong.

Is there a mistake ?


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Do you call Structure.read() in your JNAPoint(Pointer) constructor? JNA will do so automatically in the toArray() call, but you are responsible for calling it for the first element. –  technomage Sep 26 '12 at 13:09

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