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I'm trying to help my daughter-in-law with her Tumblr blog. When she tries to add an audio link she gets the following...

You are using a custom theme that doesn't include the code for Tumblr's new audio player. You can either switch to a preset theme or add the new audio code to your custom theme's HTML (for advanced users).

I have created a blog with a preset theme and and compared the code to hers and see that it is very much different. So much so that I am not sure what to change.

I was able to get the above message to go away by replacing the block:Audio block in the div class="post" div with the following...

   <section class="top audio">

There is a lot of other audio references in the preset theme, but I am not sure where to put it or what is needed.

Is there more I need to do. I am waiting for her to test it, but in the mean time can someone point me to instructions of the proper way to do this, or help me out otherwise?



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I was able to to test it and it works fine.

For anyone with the same problem, you can simply copy the block:audio code in my question and replace the block:audio code in your custom themed blog.


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