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I have some simple page transitions that fade in, once the user has landed. However, I'm also trying to make the same page fade out, when the user leaves.

I have found a few solutions, but they appeared to use delay(). Are there any that don't?

Thanks for any help, (I'm new to this, mind!)

Tom :)

I am currently using this code:


    $( 'body' ).fadeIn(2000);   

        $('#stop').click(function (e) { 
    e.preventDefault(); });

     $('#clients').click(function() { 
   $("ul").fadeToggle('slow'); });

   $('#information').click(function() { 
   $("#us").fadeToggle('slow'); });

     $('#question').click(function() { 
   $("#projectinfo").slideToggle('slow'); });

        $('#question').hover(function() { 
   $("#projectinfo").slideToggle('slow'); });

        linkLocation = this.href;
        $("body").fadeOut(1000, redirectPage);      

    function redirectPage() {

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... and are you talking about a page as a document that will be closed by the browser as the user closes the tab or window? – danijar Sep 25 '12 at 21:29
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you will need to finish your redirectPage() function to something like this:

        linkLocation = this.href;
        $("body").fadeOut(1000, redirectPage(linkLocation));      

    function redirectPage(link) {
        document.location.href= link;

@sharethis, thanks for pointing out my mistake.

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Seeing his code I think that he wants to catch link clicks, prevent the default page changing first, fade out the body then, and finally change the page with javascript. – danijar Sep 25 '12 at 21:45

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