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I'm a web dev guy. The overflow:hidden CSS property tells the render engine to not draw the current view's content across the parent's borders.

In my current project, I have a custom NSWindow with a custom NSView with rounded corners by using NSMakeRect, overwriting drawRect: and so on. A WebView inside the NSView is strechted across the entire NSView frame.

Now the WebView 'overflows' the rounded corners of theNSView`. What I do like to have is that the WebView has the same mask as the NSView.

How would you do that?

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Also make sure your view sets clips subviews to true. As far as I understand you, this is what you are looking for, and prevents f.ex. images to reach out of the parent view.

[self.view setClipsToBounds:YES];
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You can set a corner radius to the layer of a view.

myView.layer.cornerRadius = 5.0f;

You'll have to add QuartzCore.framework.

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