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Currently, I have a session login method that has environment-specific configurations.

def log_in(user)
  cookies.permanent[:remember_token] = { :value => user.remember_token, :domain => :all }

the :domain => differs between :all for production and 'lvh.me' for development.

How can I set up a YAML file that loads the environment-specific configurations, as shown in RailsCast #85?

I tried the code below, but get back unitialized constant RAILS_ENV


  domain: lvh.me
  domain: :all
  domain:  :all


APP_CONFIG = YAML.load_file(::Rails.root.join('config','app_config.yml'))[RAILS_ENV]
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Replace with Rails.env –  apneadiving Sep 25 '12 at 21:26
Thanks apneadiving. Looks like it is loading, but I can't get it to load correctly. The exact line I need in development is :domain => 'lvh.me'. I've replaced that with :domain => APP_CONFIG[:domain], and tried variations of domain: lvh.me, domain: 'lvh.me' and domain: lvh.me:3000 under development in the YAML file but they don't give me the correct cross-domain session I need. Do you know what the correct phrasing would be in this case? –  umezo Sep 25 '12 at 21:43

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In the end, I went with:

APP_CONFIG = YAML.load_file("#{Rails.root}/config/app_config.yml")[Rails.env].symbolize_keys!
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Check out confu gem. It's very similar to what you're trying to do.

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