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As I see in documentation there is a possibility to create gist index which will reject overlapping ranges

CREATE TABLE room_reservation (
    room text,
    during daterange,
    EXCLUDE USING gist (room WITH =, during WITH &&)

It works perfect, but how to adjust it to not count infinite range - '(,)' (e.g. range from -inf to inf) as overlapped to anything except self. For example i want to allow adding only one row with infinite bounds and rest date ranges should just use && operator to check.

valid data:

| room | during                   |
| r1   | (,)                      |
| r2   | (10.09.2012, 10.09.2013) |
| r2   | (11.09.2013, 11.11.2013  |

and inserting row with during = (01.01.2013, 01.01.2015) will throw and error.

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You should be able to ignore the infinite ranges by using a partial index by adding the correct "WHERE (predicate)" to your exclude constraint (see…). – j.p. Oct 14 '12 at 14:08
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To expand jug's comment

 EXCLUDE USING gist (room WITH =, during WITH &&) WHERE( !isempty(during))
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