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I need to split a big Image ( about 10000px Height ) in a number of smaller Images to use them as Textures for a OpenGL, below is the way I'm doing it right now, anybody got any ideas to do it faster, because it is taking quite long.

NSArray *images = [NSArray alloc] initWith 
for (int i = 0; i<numberOfImages; i++){

    int t = i*origHeight;
    CGRect fromRect = CGRectMake(0, t, origWidth, origHeight); // or whatever rectangle

    CGImageRef drawImage = CGImageCreateWithImageInRect(sourceImage.CGImage, fromRect);

    UIImage *newImage = [UIImage imageWithData:UIImageJPEGRepresentation([UIImage imageWithCGImage:drawImage],1.0)];

    [images addObject:newImage];

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You can pre-split them before ie using the convert command with ImageMagick which you can get with brew


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