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I use the Prism IRegionManager to navigate between screens:

_regionManager.RequestNavigate( RegionNames.MainContentRegion, uri );

I have a Person Edit View that I navigate to in the above manner and I always want this screen to be reloaded whenever a new person to edit is selected. To do this I'm returning false in the IsNavigationTarget method of INavigationAware. I'm also using mvvm and there's a PersonEditViewModel for this Person Edit View.

What I'm worried about is the application never disposing the previous PersonEditViewModel. I know it's not disposed automatically because IsNavigationTarget is called for all the previously created PersonEditViewModels. I put a break point in to tell.

What's a good way to dispose of the view and view model? since I know I'm always going to return false in IsNavigationTarget I would rather dispose them and free up some space. I was thinking maybe I could do something in the OnNavigatedFrom method?...


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You need to look at IRegionMemberLifetime and the RegionMemberLifetimeBehaviour.

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