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I have a form. It has a panel docked to the top and a panel docked to the bottom. The remainder of the form is a panel in the middle. I want it to expand to fill the remainder of my form so I set the dockstyle to FILL for this center panel. When I do this visually nothing jumps around but my resizing adorners move upward/downward behind my top and bottom docked panels. Now my resize adorners are the same size as the base form.

What am I doing wrong? My middle panel acts like it does not understand there is a boundary that is established by the top and bottom docked panels on the form. It just extends right past where I believe it should stop.

A picture of this issue

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Try clicking on the middle panel that is getting overlapped by the other panels to select it, then right-click it and select Bring To Front from the context menu to fix the issue.

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thanks larstech, can't believe it was that easy. –  TWood Sep 26 '12 at 12:59

I recommend that you use a TableLayoutPanel, with one column and three rows. Set the Anchor property for all your panels to LEFT+RIGHT+TOP+BOTTOM, then set the row heights as you want. Fixed for the top and bottom, and "100%" for the middle.

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This seems a simple enough solution too. I'll find a way to use it in another project. –  TWood Sep 26 '12 at 13:01

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