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A simple question. If I have 2 programs that needs to access 1 named pipe. If one uses open() function for reading on one end with O_RDONLY flag, would the other end be able to open the file as O_WRONLY and be able to write to it? Would the other program get the written data?

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That's basically how named pipes work: one program writes, another reads. What happened when you tried it? – parsifal Sep 25 '12 at 22:10

You can do that.

if you use O_RDWR to open the pipe, it will not block.

if you use O_RDONLY to open the pipe, it will block until the writer opens the pipe, unless you used O_NONBLOCK to make sure to open the pipe successfully.

if you use O_WRONLY to open the pipe, it will block until the reader opens the pipe, but if you also use O_NONBLOCK, the open() will fail.

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