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Let's say that I have a text input where user puts (a[1] = "val1"; a[2] = "val2";).

This is passed vía JS to a variable. I want to transform this into a unique string, so it matches for each value inside an array piece. So a[somenumber] = "somevalue" turns into var a = ["somevalue", "somevalue2"] and so. How can I do this?

var input = 'a[1] = "val"; 
a[2] = "val";
var string = ***


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What does this have to do with regular expressions? –  Pointy Sep 25 '12 at 22:13
it will be a lot easier to help you if you explain (in words) what you try to do. –  Dementic Sep 25 '12 at 22:19

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This should do it.

var input = 'a[1] = "val"; \
a[2] = "val";\
var re = /a\[(\d+)\]\s+=\s+"([^"]+)";/g,
    result = [];

while(match = re.exec(input))
    result.push(match[2] + match[1]);


If you wanted quotation marks in the string, then change the .push to this.

result.push('"' + match[2] + match[1] + '"');


And if you want a full string with comma separators, add a join().

result.join(", ")
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