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I have an HTML parser doing the hard work, but I need a regex to select anchors that don't have an attriburte id="optout". Here's my current regex that selects all anchors that have href with http... this is great just needs to ignore those anchors with id="optout" -- any ideas? Thanks!

<cfset matches = ReMatch('<a[^>]*href="http[^"]*"[^>]*>(.+?)</a>', arguments.htmlCode) />
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"I have an HTML parser doing the hard work" - then keep using it for the easy work too! –  Peter Boughton Sep 25 '12 at 23:14
the way I have it set up needs cf to select the links first... :( –  user1431633 Sep 25 '12 at 23:28
Then you almost certainly have it setup wrong. HTML parsers are designed explicitly for this task. Regex was originally designed for regular pattern matching, and even a modern non-regular regex is not well suited to the complexities of HTML parsing. –  Peter Boughton Sep 25 '12 at 23:32
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Regex is the wrong tool for this task, and given that you've already got a HTML parser involved, there's no reason not to keep using it!

Here's the trivial way to do it with a HTML parser (jsoup):

jsoup.parse( Arguments.HtmlCode ).select('a:not([id=optout])')

Here's the far less maintainable regex way to do it:

rematch( '(?i)<a\s*(?:(?!id\s*=\s*[''"]optout[''"])[^>])+>(?:[^<]+|<(?!/a>))+</a>' , Arguments.HtmlCode )
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