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I am trying to replace 3 chars with 3 other chars to build/mask an email address for a form.

This works only once or on the first instance of finding it:

email = "email1#domain!com|email2#domain!com|email3#domain!com";

The above code resulted in: email1@domain.com,email2#domain!com|email3#domain!com

After some reading I read about using RegEx which is the portion of coding I can never wrap my head around:


That didn't work either and left it the same as the original var.

What am I doing wrong?

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Do not put quotes around the regex. Regexes are literals that use / as a boundary.

Additionally, you will need to escape the | because it has a special meaning.

Finally, .replace is not transformative. It returns the result.

email = email.replace(/#/g,'@').replace(/!/g,'.').replace(/\|/g,',');
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Thanks - will accept this answer when I can in a few minutes! – uber_n00b Sep 25 '12 at 22:30

Using regex literals, you omit the quotes (and you'll need to escape the pipe):

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email = "email1#domain!com|email2#domain!com|email3#domain!com";
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