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I have a tab-delimited text file which contains dagger characters (). When I open this in Excel 2010, they are mangled and replaced with † (I'm not sure if Excel is adding the space, too). Why does this occur and how can I fix it?

Right now I do search and replacing in Excel to replace the †s, but it's inefficient for many files and hacky.

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The original file is not using the character encoding that Excel expects.


Character Encoding and the ’ Issue

Excel's Import Wizard is better at handling encoding issues and may be able to open your source file properly. See

Microsoft Excel mangles Diacritics in .csv files?

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Nevermind, after taking another look at Open .csv file containing special characters in Excel I realized that instead of Right Click -> Open with Excel, if I go to File -> Open in Excel it lets me choose the encoding.

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