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i have a Windows 8 host system running a virtual(hyper-v) Debian6 client with an lamp environment. My development environment runs under Windows and I mapped the folder with my php files to a network drive so Apache has access to them.(mount.cifs //pc/share /var/share/) This far no problems - I see my app on windows in the browser. The problem is, I can't write stuff in php to the share folder - everytime i got a permission denied message in my error logs.

For testing purpose i tried to change the directory permissions of /var/share with chmod -R 777 /var/share without success.

Now Iam a little bit stumped.. has anyone an idea how to solve this?

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For me it was SELinux, it was as simple as running:

setenforce 0

In a testing environment it should be OK to disable this, if you're having a similar problem in a live environment, check the SELinux Man Page, and try to fix the problem rather than just disabling SELinux.

Edit: When you're mounting a share with CIFS you need to specify the permissions on mount, you cannot alter them later.

On CentOS for example:

mount -t cifs //$/a_folder_you_want /mnt/mount_point -o username=domain/user,password=awesomeness,file_mode=0775,dir_mode=0775
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