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We have files within the NetSuite file cabient which need to be updated (the url field has changed). I found the noted article on this site but there is no code example to perform the requested. It indicates to use the nlapiLoadFile and nlapiSubmitFile calls; would anyone be able to assist with a code example?

Link: Can Netsuite Suitescript modify a file in the file cabinet?

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Unfortunately, I did not see the URL field in the SuiteScript Records Browser: system.netsuite.com/help/helpcenter/en_US/RecordsBrowser/2011_2/… I found "Folder" but the fields table does not contain URL so it looks like the field is not available for scripting. –  user1698662 Sep 26 '12 at 20:59

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Do you mean file instead of field? If you use nlapiLoadFile(/path/file), you can then use getURL() to provide a link to that file.

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Ya, it seems a bit odd. The only way I found is:

  1. Load The File
  2. Create a file handle with:
    • Set the file name to one that you intended.
    • Set the content to intended one
  3. Set the folder and submit.

I have attached a code snippet

    var file = nlapiLoadFile(file_id);
    var content = file.getValue();
    content = '...put your content...';
    file = nlapiCreateFile(file.getName(), 'FILE TYPE', content);

Hope this helps.

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