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I have a searchable dropdown (http://jsearchdropdown.sourceforge.net/) selector. I filled with jquery the options from database dinamically. but, when I change category, it keeps the previous items. (so when I toggle from category 1-3 to category 4-6, there are options 1-6) If I try without this script, everything works fine (but it don't searchable). I tried $(this).empty() and $("<select/>").empty() every where in the source code, to empty the list, but there were no usefull result. So when I initialize the search plugin, it should clear first the <select>. http://jsfiddle.net/cociweb/RjVwh/3/

where should I put the $("<select/>").empty(); or something like that into the searchabledropdown-1.0.7.src.js? !

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Use something like this

$('select option').remove();

This will clear all the options. After this add the new values.

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