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If I have a variable called value and if I want to write its getter, will getvalue() be a good name for the getter. Or is getValue() is better?

Someone told me that the getter name should match the variable name.

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As per section 8.3 Design Patterns for Properties from the JavaBean spec your getter should be called getValue or isValue (if it is a boolean)

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There is only one "good" naming convention for getters, the JavaBean convention:

public TheType getValue() { return value; }

Booleans may follow the is convention (its setter should be setValue):

public boolean isValue() { return value; }
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If your value is boolean then it should be "isValue", if not then "getValue" (according to JavaBean convention).

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Stick with getValue() standard - it is called camelCase.

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Unless you have two variables, named value and Value, the convention stands with getValue() (or isValue(), if value is of type boolean).

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and having a variable named Value (uppercase) is against the coding guidelines, too. One would expect that to be the name of a class. – Thilo Sep 26 '12 at 0:33

According to the Java Code Conventions all methods should be named using Camel Case. So getValue() would be the proper name.

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