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I moved a wordpress blog from the root of the site to the /blog directory.

now links like this: domain.com/link-to-post don't redirect to this domain.com/blog/link-to-post

the problem is that I want to put an entirely different app in the root now so I can't do a 301 redirect in there to the /blog folder. any suggestions?

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I think the problem probably lies in the old links being stored in your WordPress database. You will need to change them to point to the new URL. There's a few ways to do this.

The second part of this link tells you step by step how to do it.


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actually I'm referring to the links in google (on the web) not the one's in the wp-posts table –  Charlie Ussery Sep 26 '12 at 21:16
Ah. Ok. If all of your posts had categories you may be able to do a redirect on anything with domain.com/category/ to domain.com/category/link-to-post. If there isn't a category then I'm not sure what to do. –  FajitaNachos Sep 26 '12 at 22:52

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