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I have few python scripts of which one is to be executed in IronPython interpreter. How to find the installation path of IronPython. I searched the registry. To my surprise, it was not there.

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Try this:

import sys
print sys.executable

Disclaimer: I don't know if it will work on IronPython.

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This works for IronPython 2.0, so presumably "and later" as well –  Steve Gilham Aug 11 '09 at 11:21
Does not apply if IronPython.dll is loaded into a 3rd-party program. Even using the DLL path is no good since it can be in the GAC. –  ivan_pozdeev May 22 '14 at 13:37

From the registry, you can check HKLM\SOFTWARE\IronPython\2.7\InstallPath

It was useful for me.


Version number can be retrieved like this (as of IPy 2.7.4):

//Implementation::version backs "sys.version_info"
var version_tuple = new IronPython.Runtime.Implementation().version;
var version = version_tuple.major + "." + version_tuple.minor;
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