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I have a script that is inventorying (not sure if thats a word) my environment.

It goes out and pulls Hostname OS, IP, and ENV (dev, prod, etc)..then spits all that to a logfile

At the top of my script i have a check to see if the logfile exist.

[[ -f $LOGFILE ]] || touch $LOGFILE && echo "ENV" "\t" "HOSTNAME" "\t" "OS" "\t" "IPADDRESS"

What i want it to do is IF exist, do nothing...otherwise touch and echo header to file.

Currently every run it echos the header row.

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Use parentheses. –  Kevin Sep 26 '12 at 0:59
yes use them: [[ -f aaa ]] || (touch $LOGFILE && echo "ENV" "\t" "HOSTNAME" "\t" "OS" "\t" "IPADDRESS" > $LOGFILE) –  MeaCulpa Sep 26 '12 at 5:15

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Mixing || and && on the same line like this causes issues if the command after || succeeds. Expanding it to a full if statement is recommended.

if [[ ... ]]
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The code you give doesn't echo the line to your log file anyway.


printf interprets "\t" as a tab character. You don't need the touch command, since the file will be created and opened for writing by the output redirection.

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