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I have phpunit 3.6.12 installed as well as Silex. In the root directory of my app I have tests directory which contains the trivial test file BlogFunctionTest.php


use Silex\WebTestCase;

// BLOG: Front end test
class BlogFunctionalTest extends Silex\WebTestCase
    public function testIndex()
        $this->assertGreaterThan(0, 1);


when I run phpunit from the command line I get the error

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Silex\WebTestCase' not found in {path}/BlogFunctionTest.php line 7

which refers to the line where I try to extend WebTestCase. The same happens if I replace

use Silex\WebTestCase;


use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Test\WebTestCase;

Silex is installed in relative to my test file at


Any tips are greatly appreciated, thank you!

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you have to define a bootstrap inside phpunit.xml.dist which point to the bootstrap of your silex application like it's done here https://github.com/joshuamorse/Silex-Boilerplate/blob/master/phpunit.xml.dist

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That was the ticket. Thank you! –  akronymn Sep 26 '12 at 14:15
gave me new errors at least! hopefully puts me down the right track... –  Thomas Bennett Aug 12 '14 at 22:14

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