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Using Joomla 2.5 and trying to do some redirects based on the login module where you can click Forgot your password or Forgot your username.

I thought this should work for username:

if((JRequest::getString('option')=='com_users') && (JRequest::getString('view')=='remind'))

and this for password:

if((JRequest::getString('option')=='com_users') && (JRequest::getString('view')=='reset'))

I never seem to get into this if statement. What am I doing wrong?

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Try this,

if((JRequest::getVar('option')=='com_users') && (JRequest::getVar('view')=='remind'))

If this also failed you can try with,

$_REQUEST['option'] it will definitely works but its not a good practice for joomla sites.

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I found the only thing that worked for me is to use:


This covers both cases of remind and reset. Not sure if there are other edge cases where this won't match.

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