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I am new at iOS development and i have some issue of cellForRowAtIndexPath method of UITableView.

In my application i have multiple rows in UITableView. when i want to see each row then obviously i need to scroll UITableView.also in UITableView i added UITextField to each UITableViewCell . when i add value of UITextField in DataBase then its work properly but when i want to edit values of UITextField and i add values of TextField in DataBase then problem is created.

PROBLEM :- If i want to add all editable values of TextField in DataBase then i must need to be scroll UITableView up to down. if i do not scroll then invisible TextField is not add in DataBase :( Here in my Application add and editing are in same UIViewController base on ID that i passed.

by Googling i also found that cellForRowAtIndexPath is not called for all rows. It is only called for visible rows and then called for additional rows as the user scrolls to them. Old rows are also destroyed as they go off the screen and it will request the cells again if the user scrolls back up.

so, please help me how can i solve my problem,


For Example :

I have two UIViewController.

1 - FirstViewController 2 - SecondViewController

in FirstViewController display all list of Name in UITableView and it has two choice either select name in UITableView or add new data by tapp BarButton from UINavigationBar .This both processed adding and editing are done in same ViewController called SecondViewController . data (or values) Add by SecondViewController is working properly But when i select any row ( or name ) from FirstViewController then related ID pass to SecondViewController and all information are display on TextField base on ID. here all values are get from DATABASE and i store it to NSMutableDictionary and then it store on textField by access KEY of Dictionary. but values are store in TextField which are visible. invisible TextField not store values even i get from DATABASE . so i must need to first scroll UITableView.

Thanks in advance :)

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Why don't you just add the visible TextField to DataBase and when scrolled add the visible TextField again. You need ID to distinguish different TextField (Maybe you can use the TableViewCell's reuseIdentifier). –  sunkehappy Sep 26 '12 at 2:25
when i am in editing mode then whole Values are store in different UITextField that are subview of UITableViewCell. i can display only some values of TextField. if i edit only first Value of TextField then invisible values of TextField are not Add to DATABASE. –  user2289379 Sep 26 '12 at 2:49
Before you enter editing mode, save all the values into DataBase. Just modify the DataBase when you have edited some TextField. Can this solve? –  sunkehappy Sep 26 '12 at 2:58
i already did it :) but it is not work ...main point is that scroll of UITableView :( –  user2289379 Sep 26 '12 at 3:12
its not an issue of scrollView or UITableView.. its purely a data management or data handling issue... can you tell us how u are maintaining the data to display on tableView, & each row in tableView corresponds to an object in each row of ur database table..? –  vishy Sep 26 '12 at 6:25

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Then implement like given below

Get the database value and store it in NSMutableDictionary and accessible through out by declaring in interface or .h file.

Then when each time your tableView or textField loads read the values from dictionary and display.

And in your textFieldDidEnd or textFieldDidChange delegate get the data from textField & save/store back to your dictionary with the same key. This time it just replaces the old value as you know.

At last just save all the dictionary values into your database on backAction or viewWillDisappear method.

This should work for you, if not let me know.

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