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I'm new in Jquery, I would like to have Jquery code to get the current page url and if the url contains certain string then load remote element.


i have the page urls like this:


the part "/Country/AU" is what I need to determine which page element I should load in, then if "AU" I load from "/state-loader.html .state-AU", if "CA" I load from "/state-loader.html .state-CA"

I have a builtin module "{module_pageaddress}" to get the value of the current page url, I just dont know the Jquery logic to let it work.

I expect something like this:

if {module_pageaddress} contains "/Country/AU/" 
$('#MyDiv').load('state-loader.html .state-AU');

if {module_pageaddress} contains "/Country/CA/" 
$('#MyDiv').load('state-loader.html .state-CA');
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have you tried using the .test() method provided by the JavaScript RegExp object to test the string for that occurence? – Ohgodwhy Sep 26 '12 at 2:16
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You can try the following if the country string is always last before the last slash in the URL

See a live fiddle

var url = "http://......./Country/AU/result-search-to-buy"
var loc = url.split( '/' );

    //should be using the next line in live
//var loc = window.location.pathname.split( '/' );

var country = alert(loc [loc.length-2]);
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thank you hsalama, this works !!! – wang hai peng Sep 26 '12 at 4:31

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