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Is it possible to Embed a PowerPoint Viewer into a C# Windows Form?

I am currently use the following code:

objApp = new PowerPoint.Application();
        //objApp.Visible = MsoTriState.msoTrue;
        objPresSet = objApp.Presentations;
        objPres = objPresSet.Open(ppsAction.FileInfo.FullName, MsoTriState.msoTrue, MsoTriState.msoTrue, MsoTriState.msoFalse);
        objSlides = objPres.Slides;

        //Run the Slide show
        objSSS = objPres.SlideShowSettings;
        objSSS.ShowType = Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.PpSlideShowType.ppShowTypeSpeaker;
        objSSS.LoopUntilStopped = MsoTriState.msoTrue;

        WindowWrapper handleWrapper = new WindowWrapper(objPres.SlideShowWindow.HWND);
        SetParent(handleWrapper.Handle, this.ApplicationPanel.Handle);
        this.ApplicationPanel.Visible = true;
        objPres.SlideShowWindow.Height = ApplicationPanel.Height;
        objPres.SlideShowWindow.Width = ApplicationPanel.Width;
        objPres.SlideShowWindow.Top = 0;
        objPres.SlideShowWindow.Left = 0;

It shows the viewer on the form but the placement and sizing is wrong. How would one size and place it correctly.

Another option:
I have encountered the Aximp.exe application meant to be used for showing ActiveX controls on the Win Forms in C#. How would I use this with the PPT Viewer?

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look at this answer. <a href="">http://…; exactly what you want. – diogopalhais Apr 22 '12 at 19:26
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See this link. You can also display the ppt in a WebBrowser control. This might also be useful.

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I Went with the Web Browser Control Option. Although I had to change some settings for PowerPoint 2007 docs. – Soppus Aug 12 '09 at 8:02

Thanks for good links, has useful info... That helped me :)

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For placement change the objPres.SlideShowWindow.Top to 10 as example and objPres.SlideShowWindow.Left to 12 so the upper left corner of the slide will be at (12,10) where left move it horizontal and the top move it down vertically.

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