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I am trying to create a custom event for my model but apparently the custom event get triggered no matter what unless I use "anonymous" function definition as a callback

Here is the pseudo code of my app structure

initialize: ->
  this.user = new User()
  this.view = new View({model:this.user})

initialize: ->
  //This event binding get triggered no matter what
  //this.model.on("custom:event", this.triggerMe(), this) 

  //This works properly. Only triggered when I call model.trigger("custom:event")
  this.model.on("custom:event", function(){console.log("I WORK!!");}))

triggerMe: ->
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you are invoking a function here:


it should be this.triggerMe

this.model.on("custom:event", this.triggerMe, this)

Adding () or .call() or .apply() is invoking a function not a reference to it.

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By passing this.triggerMe() you automatically execute the triggerMe function (because you add parentheses, and by so invocating it).

What you need to do, is to pass a reference to the function. Like so:

this.model.on("custom:event", this.triggerMe, this)
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