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I want to fetch an RSS feed that my Wordpress site creates (let's call it site1.com/feed) using Simplepie, and I want to display that feed on the homepage of the same Wordpress site (site1.com). But I can't get the feed to display at all.

I've pulled the feed and put it on a different website (site2.com), which worked. However, when I try to display the WP feed (site1.com/feed) on the site it's generated from (site1.com), I get nothing.

Sorry if the explanation is a bit convoluted. It's hard to get it out in a succinct way. But anyway, is this an issue with Simplepie itself? Can you just not display a feed on the site that generates it?

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Why use simplepie? Just use the standard Worpdress code to output your feed within your site.

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