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This seems to work fine:


%form{:method => 'POST' :action => '/'}
  %label{:for => 'name'} Name:
    %input{:type => 'text, :value => @values[:name] || ""}
  %input{:type => 'submit'}


post '/' do
  @values = params
  haml :review


Hello #{params[:name]}!

However, when I try to send my post-data to the same view on a different URL I get an error, or in other words:


post '/' do
  @values = params
  redirect '/review'

get '/review' do
  @values = params
  haml :review

The data is not going through, but no error is raised.

How do I send the post-data across pages like this? Ideally, I do not want to create a database.

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You can store the parameters in a session or specify the query string explicitly. Browser Redirect from Sinatra Documentation

As specified in the documentation, you may use sessions or convert the POST params to a query string and use it in the redirect method. A crude example would be:

Say the POST params hash inside the '/' block is:

  :name => "Whatever",
  :address => "Wherever"

This hash can be made into a string like so:

query = params.map{|key, value| "#{key}=#{value}"}.join("&")
# The "query" string now is: "name=Whatever&address=Wherever"

Now use this inside the post '/' do

`redirect to("/review?#{query}")`
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