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I have multi language install file maked from Inno setup. How i can use two license file for every language? For example: English language ->english license and Russian language -> russian license. Sorry for my english. writed how i can. please help me somebody.

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Did you read jrsoftware.org/ishelp/topic_setup_licensefile.htm? –  Lex Li Sep 26 '12 at 5:25

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If you just want a custom licence for each language, you can use specify the LicenceFile parameter on the [Languages] entry.

If you want to show two seperate licences, you will need to add [Code] to do this yourself, using the CreateOutputMsgMemoPage() function, and loading the other licence file using somethign like:

ExtractTemporaryFile('additional licence.txt');
LoadStringFromFile(ExpandConstant('{tmp}/additional licence.txt'), LicenceText);
LGPLPage.RichEditViewer.RTFText := LicenceText;

If you want a seperate set of Agree/don't agree buttons, you'll also need to create and add these to the page and enabled/disable the WizardForm.NextButton as required.

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