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I am using imap_search to get a list of Emails FROM INBOX and SENT ITEMS.

I have a grid that showing the Mail headers first ,when user clicks on one row i want to show entire content,like body,attachment etc ..

to achieve this there should be a UNIQUE ID for each messages.

how can i get UNIQUE ID for messages , i know about the SE_UID option will return the UNIQUE ID'S but UNIQUE ID are only in one Mail box ,

I can see same ID'S on INBOX and SENT ITEMS.

Please help me.

Note : I am using Codeigniter with Peeker Library.


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The completely unique ID is made up of the mailbox name (eg INBOX), the UIDVALIDITY returned when a mailbox is selected, and the message UID.

You need to select the relevant mailbox and provide the correct UID to fetch the right message. UIDs are not unique between different mailboxes.

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You can use the UID of an email to do operations on any email in any mailbox such as INBOX and SENT.

You can find more information in this article

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