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I looked and looked, but was surprised not to find an answer to this question.

In R5RS scheme, how would you write a procedure that multiplies each element of the list with one-another. If I'm given a list '(4 5 6), the procedure, multiply-list, should return 120. 4*5*6=120.

Thanks in advance.

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You should be able to take an example for addition (such as this one: and trivially adapt it to use multiplication. – Greg Hewgill Sep 26 '12 at 5:45
Thanks Greg! For the record I did try searching for an addition one to base it off of. I've posed a modified version below in case anyone else is looking. – MattB Sep 26 '12 at 5:49
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The "suggested" way:

(define mult 
  (lambda (the-list)
    (apply * the-list)))

An iterative implementation:

(define mult-it 
  (lambda (the-list)
    (let ((result 1))
         (lambda (x)
           (set! result (* result x)))

A purely functional and recursive implementation:

(define mult-rec
  (lambda (the-list)
    (if (null? the-list)
        (* (car the-list) (mult-rec (cdr the-list))))))
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(define (multiply-list l) (apply * l))

As trivial as it gets. That's probably why you never found the answer: no one ever bothered writing it down…

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(define (multiply-list list)
  (let loop ((list list) (accum 1))
      ((null? list) accum)
      ((not (number? (car list))) '())
      (else (loop (cdr list) (* accum (car list)))))))
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