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I am having an issue with my app, basically i have few layouts like this: |ABC| each letter describe one layout(A is the relative layout). When i am adding an image view to the relative layout, this image view can move over all the layout. But the relative layout became stretched to whole the width of the screen. |A| so basically you can`t see the B,C layouts any more.

This is my function:

public void startGame(){
    int i;

    lp = new RelativeLayout.LayoutParams(
    lp.addRule(RelativeLayout.BELOW, (i+1));
    lp.addRule(RelativeLayout.RIGHT_OF, i);
    lp.leftMargin = 25;

    ImageView img = new ImageView(this);


This function called from onCreate method.

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You have given layout width to fill parent. So it will take up the whole screen. Thats the problem. Change it to wrap-content and then check.

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Thank you for the quick response. I tried this solution already when the image view moving the image is disappearing – Anton Makov Sep 26 '12 at 6:00

Add your ABC layouts to a ScrollView, that way you can scroll down to see B and C.

it should be like this:


a ScrollView can contain only 1 child, so keep your ABC in a D layout which is in ScrollView

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The relative layout is set to fixed size. My app reads an obstacle file(locations of all the obstacles of each level) so i can`t use scroll view. – Anton Makov Sep 26 '12 at 6:07

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