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Is it possible to define a view template in a javascript variable, instead of a script tag or a file?

Something like this:

var template = "< h1 ><%= title %> < / h1 >"; 
var rendered = can.view.render(template, data);
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Take a look to jquery utils string format plugin. There is an example that shows rendering html from template that was defined as as string.

Creating template:

$.tpl('tweet', [
    '<div id="tweet-{id:s}" class="tweet">',
        '<div class="tweet-body"><b>@{from:s}</b>: {body:s}',
            '(<a href="{href:s}" class="tweet-date">',
                '<abbr title="{timestamp:s}">{timesince:s}</abbr>',


$.getJSON('/tweets/username/', function(resp, s){
    $.each(resp.tweets, function(idx, tweet) {
        $.tpl('tweet', {
            id: tweet.id,
            body: tweet.body,
            from: tweet.screen_name,
            timestamp: tweet.pub_time,
            timesince: $.timeago(tweet.pub_time)
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+1 Because this can be a good alternative solution, but I want to use EJS templates, and render them with canjs. Thanks! –  Tamás Pap Sep 26 '12 at 6:37
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Ok, after a lot of research, because it isn't written in documentation, I found how to do it. The trick is that you have to register your template with an id first. If you are using a script tag or url to find a template, this step is done automatically by canJS.

So, if you want to render a template, stored in a variable, you have to do something like this:

var template = "< h1 ><%= title %> < / h1 >"; 
can.view.ejs('my-view-id', template);​​​​​​​
var rendered = can.view.render('my-view-id', data);

Now you have the document fragment in rendered.

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