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I am working on IE7, but the list is on the top of the submenu, is there a way to bring it on the top? it works fine on IE8 or plus but not IE7. wish someone could help. Many thanks

here is the code

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You are using display:inline-block. IE 7 doesn't interpret this correctly and needs hacks to actually show an element as an inline-block.

In your select CSS statement add this:

.select {
    *display:inline; /* IE 7 hack */
    zoom:1;          /* IE 7 hack */

Alternatively you could create an IE7 only stylesheet and use the above without hacks.

This solves the problem in IE7 but you may want to change the Z-index's of some elements to stop the drop down list displaying underneath the bottom select box.

Updated Fiddle

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Thank you David. you are right, I did once before, but forgotten. :-) – olo Sep 26 '12 at 8:15

Here is very useful post about Ie only stylesheet creation How to create an ie only stylesheet

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