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I have a project of screen sharing between 2 users and then remote controlling the screen.I have a visual c++ code through which i am calling the Java screen share method to share the screen.That is working very much fine.

Now i am trying to call the other robot events like (mouseMove,keypress etc).I am able to call the Java methods(which contains robot events calls) from my c++ code smoothly and the function is always returning true back to my c++ code,thereby showing successfull execution,but the robot events written in the Java methods is not getting Fired.Can anyone help me to get in the proper direction.My code is as below:

From c++ code:

 status=  m_pJVM->InvokeClassMethod(m_sccObj,"keyPress", 
                                "(D)V", NULL,
   if (status)
      GetLogger()->Log(_T("Successfull key Press"));
      GetLogger()->Log(_T("Unsuccessfull key Press"));

Here i am always getting "Successfull key press" as the output on my console.

In Java side the code is :

public boolean keyPress(double key)
            this.robot = new Robot();
            if(robot != null)
            return true;
               return false;
        catch(Exception e)
          return false;

Can anyone tell whether i am missing anythng here.

Thanks, Any help will be appreciated.

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The java process should be running in a user space that has access to the current desktop.
Check under what credentials it starts. If its running via a service- make sure:

Services.msc > [Your host service] > Log On > Allow service to interact with desktop is checked.

Though since you say its able to access screen already - this may not be the issue.

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Thanks Ujjwal for the fast reply,but as u suggested this might not be the issue.I created test app and then called robot events ,it worked like charm.seems their is some issue while calling from c++ code – Vipin Nair Sep 26 '12 at 6:39
the test app you created was in java? correct – Ujjwal Singh Sep 26 '12 at 6:44
how about you change the KeyPress return type and value to check what is the code flow: change return type to Integer and return say 99 on success and 11 on failure. Also i see no use of the input param key to the KeyPress java fn. – Ujjwal Singh Sep 26 '12 at 6:48
Hi Ujjawal,yes test app was in java.And also i returned int value from java method and i always got 1 for success as return value – Vipin Nair Sep 26 '12 at 8:00
There is an use of input param,right now i havent used it,i was checking the robot working. – Vipin Nair Sep 26 '12 at 8:01

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