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I have repository with many branches and all source files have $Id$. When I change one file on trunk I have to change it also on specific branch from the same repository. If I simply copy modified file to specific branch and commit it then $Id$ will have new value. From this time the only difference between source file in trunk and source file in branch is value in $Id$ and file compare utilities will show it as difference.

Is there any way to have the same $Id in both trunk and branch?

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If you commit to both trunk and branch in the same commit that would probably do it. The problem about compare utilities seeing a difference could be mitigated by using the svn comparison utilities which should understand that there is no difference.

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Can you show examples from command line? I also use TortoiseSVN, but their TortoiseMerge.exe seems to work with files only, not comparing directories, and it also shows that line with $Id$ is different (I cannot find "Ignore $Id$ value" option). –  Michał Niklas Sep 26 '12 at 7:41
@MichałNiklas I'm not sure about TortoiseSVN, the information I got came from the first response to wordaligned.org/articles/keyword-substitution-just-say-no . They're using svn diff, so perhaps TortoiseSVN isn't stripping the keyword substitution for TortoiseMerge (I'm assuming you're right clicking and selecting diff or diff with previous version, something like that). –  CrazyCasta Sep 26 '12 at 9:42

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