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I want to compare method definition like :

1. static void main(String[] args){

2. static void main(String[] args)
3. int sum()
4. int abc(int a,int b){

I just have the method's name and I'm reading the file one line at a time.

The regex shouldn't compare method calls such as :


I wrote a regex which is not working :

$srcLine =~ m/$methodName[\([A-Z]*[a-z]*[0-9]*\s*[,]*\(*\)*\)]*/)

I'm getting a compilation error at this line.


$srcLine =~ m/$methodName\((?!~)+\)/

This is another regex where I am comparing it with the "methodName('anything other than ~')"

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The question is hard to understand. A regex doesn't "compare" things; it either matches or doesn't match them. The "compare" part makes no sense. – Dondi Michael Stroma Sep 26 '12 at 7:58
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I am not sure how restrictive your pattern should be, but I can explain you the problems in your regexes.

  1. $srcLine =~ m/$methodName[\([A-Z]*[a-z]*[0-9]*\s*[,]*\(*\)*\)]*/)

    With the square brackets you are creating a character class and you can't mix them. So I assume you wanted a group there, so

    $srcLine =~ m/$methodName(?:\([A-Z]*[a-z]*[0-9]*\s*[,]*\(*\)*\))*/)

    would be a bit closer at your requirements. I am not sure about the [,]* part, that means match a literal "," 0 or more times, this is probably not what you want.

  2. $srcLine =~ m/$methodName\((?!~)+\)/

    You can't repeat a zero width assertion (the (?!~)+ part). If you want to say match anything but a certain character, use a negated character class.

    $srcLine =~ m/$methodName\([^~]+\)/

    Be aware that this will match till the last found closing bracket.

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$srcLine =~ m/$methodName\(.*\)[^;]/ I used the [^;] to consider if a ; occurs at the end to omit abc();. Works fine for that but it also omitting void abc(), I cant figure out why. Thank you for your previous answer. – Daanish Sep 26 '12 at 8:41

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