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We have a few QTP scripts currently being used for regression testing in my project. Currently the client is on the verge of loosing the lisencing for QTP and is willing to look for Open source alternative and we have decided to navigate to Selenium and allied tools.

Now the problem is we are not willing to loose our QTP scripts as this will involve rework of scripting the previously scripted tests so i was trying to know if there is any option to execute the QTP scripts from any Selenium framework or IntelliJ IDEA IDE or Eclipse etc without usage of QTP atall.

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I would say, not in any situation. There is a possibility of executing QTP script from outside, but not without a QTP license.

That being said, looking for an automatic converter from QTP to Selenium will not be a good idea either, since one like that doesn't exists yet. While It can be understood that you are not willing to loose your existing QTP scripts, it would rather be a better idea to start working on writing selenium test now than later.

While I do not intend to promote my organization here, it should be worth mentioning that I work for a QA outsourcing company, and I have migrated several of our clients from QTP to Selenium through re-write of tests. If you post size of tests (no of test scripts/ lines of code/ total execution duration), I can probably help you get started based on that context.

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Thanks Anil i would get you the data regarding the QTP tests that i have currently. –  tester Sep 29 '12 at 19:29

No, not in normal situations. QTP is an expensive, commercial tool and if there was a way to easily run the scripts outside QTP, HP would have had a bad business case.

You'll have to rewrite your code into Java code. Maybe there are some VB to Java convertors (note: QTP scripting language is VBScript, not VB) that could make some of the work easier, but I wouldn't bet my money on them. Java is a very strong typed, object oriented language, while VBScript is a very weak typed much more functional language. Even if you had a converter, your Java code would be very crippled.

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Thanks AChaos ... :) –  tester Sep 29 '12 at 19:30
+1 with a minor note: "Expensive" being a matter of bad price/feature&performance-ratio, I'd call it "high-priced", not "expensive" ;) –  TheBlastOne Oct 22 '12 at 11:52
@TheBlastOne You have a good point. Expensive is a relative term, I like the 'high-priced' label better. –  AutomatedChaos Oct 22 '12 at 13:52

I think if the scripts are made in Jscripts , it would be easy at some extent , we can execute them on Selenium the lines which are not Inluced with Application Objects(Browser,Page,Field). There are few problems existed with Excel stuff, File System objects...etc, since Selenium(Java) we are importing few package concepts while we are handling certain objects. I think there are more difficluties involved while we are converting them and executing the QTP scripts in Selenium. Instead of that It would be better if we start Selenium coding from Scratch.

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