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I have several Question about Firefox and Firebug working mechanisms. i have a page in my doman : i want to load an external html page in my page from : i can't using frame and iframe.(because server send additional x-option-frame:SAMEORIGIN header to requested file header and html page not loaded in iframe or frame.)

i tested some other tags. (i just want to grap source code of html file and x-options-frame only affected on iframe and frame tags!)
with tag the source code of page is:

but when i inspect page with firebug the full source of html.html loaded under script tag (like tree drop down object )

for tag have similar condition.script not loaded in source of page but fully loaded in firebug inspector.

but when i use iframe there is nothing in firebug inspector. (server dont send anything to )

my question is that how firebug works? how it grab content of a script and load in it's windows. is any way to do this by jQuery Or AJAX(i tested it but i have problem with same domain restrictions implemented on XMLHttpRequest ....) or ...

really sorry for bad English. thanks all

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Hope you have already solved your problem but in case you haven't... The browser is probably preventing a Cross Origin Resource Sharing. I had a similar problem that I fixed by making changes to the server to allow CORS. You can't 'fix' this from the client end. The server has to allow it.

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