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I am trying to inline edit with jqgrid, where I am going to call a Spring controller, I need to do extra server side validations. If there are any server validation errors I need to send it back jqgrid via errorfunc, and user notified.

function saveRow(rowId) {
    saveparameters = {
            "url" : 'editcontroller',
            "successfunc" : function( response ) {

                return true; 
            "errorfunc": function (reponse) {
                return true;
    jQuery('#myGrid').jqGrid('saveRow', rowId, saveparameters);

Could someone help me to understand what I have to write in spring controller to send server level validation errors to errorfunc. I Googled but couldn't find concrete example.

Thank you in advance.

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In PHP, I just send HTTP header function 500 "Internal Server Error". The errorfunc will catch it automatically.

header (HTTP/ 1.0 500 Error Message)

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