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I am running the following script

wb <- loadWorkbook("/home/.../MyFile.xlsx") #works fine
sh <- getSheets(wb) #works fine
rw <- getRows(sh[[1]]) #-works fine
rc <- getCells(rw) # works fine
v <- lapply(rc, getCellValue) # works fine
v['21.4'] #works fine, returns the correct value
setCellValue(rc['21.4'], 'Hallo') #fails

Error in .jcall(cell, "V", "setCellValue", value) : 

after repeating the command

Error in .jcall(cell, "V", "setCellValue", value) : 
  RcallMethod: cannot determine object class

It happens in RStudio and in the classical R terminal under Ubuntu 12.04 32Bit. Please help!

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I have the same problem in Windows 7 x64 and I think that there is a mistake in 'xlsx' documentation. However instead of

setCellValue(rc['21.4'], 'Hallo')


setCellValue(rc[['21.4']], 'Hallo')

Worked for me. Kuba

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