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I am trying to write an app that I want to be compatible with the iPhone 5 and 4. I have read the excellent article Get your MonoTouch apps ready for iPhone 5 / iOS 6 today! but this implies you have to add a UIImage to each UIViewController to force it into displaying at the new resolution. It also implies I then have to do this for every UIViewController I add.

My obvious question is what happens if I don't want a background image? What if I want just a standard UITableVIew that uses the whole screen? What would happen if I want to support both resolutions I can't just put an image into the directory. How do you handle that? Is this really how Apple have designed it - you need to load a blank image?

Have I missed something really obvious? Hope so.



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To get the tall screen working on your application (for the iPhone 5 or in the iOS6 simulator) you only need to have a single Default-568h@2x.png file, of the right size, in your application.

The article you link to talks in more details about how to deal with backgrounds - but that's optional, i.e. you only need this if you have (or want) a background for your views.

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