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How to ensure a .Net application is genuine?

I can't seem to find any good articles on this. In a client/server environment, is there any way to ensure that the clients connecting have not been tampered with?

The only two things I can think of doing are:

  1. include a secret key in the genuine client, that is used in authentication, to prevent complete rewrites of the client

  2. monitor the clients for behaviours that I believe deviate from what the genuine clients do

[1] does not prevent hacking, only rewrites. Plus presumably you can eventually find the key by looking through the bytecode?

[2] can be quite very tricky and sometimes subjective

Are there known techniques beyond the two above?


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How to ensure a .Net application is genuine?

Looks like this has already been covered and the answer is a resounding: "There is no good way"

Feel free to close this question.

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