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Currently I have a text area and below is the corresponding code for that. I want to change the number of rows it contains and the want the text area to fill the screen horizontally on mobile. How do I change. I am new to ruby on rails and couldn't figure out the right syntax to add rows.

<div class="control-group">
        <%= label_tag(:message_body, "Body", :class => "control-label") %>
        <div class="controls">
        <%= text_area_tag :message_body,  @message_body %>
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Ref text_area_tag

<%= text_area_tag :message_body,  @message_body, :size =>"25x10" %>
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text_area_tag 'message_body', nil, :rows => 10, :cols => 25
# => <textarea cols="25" id="body" name="body" rows="10"></textarea>

More info - Text Area Tag

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