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I have a Java bluetooth server running on a Windows box which I want to port to the Raspberry pi. I have lots of experience with Java but little with Bluetooth or Linux.

The pi currently has Debian Wheezy operating system and I've installed bluetooth and Java ok, and placed the bluecove-gpl and bluecove jars in the classpath.

When I try to run the server, however, Java complains

Native library bluecove_arm not available.

I've tried renaming libbluecove_arm.so from the gpl jar without success, even when setting -Dbluecove.native.path to point to it.

Does anyone know where to find the correct library, what it should be called, and where it should be placed?


Found a sh build script on the google code site which showed how to compile the java source files, generate jni headers, compile and link the c files to produce a so library file. Only hiccup was that the library file needed then to be renamed libbluecove_arm.so before it would be found. All done on the pi!

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i'm very insteresting in doing the same stuff. Can you give please your compiled bluecove jar for Raspberry Pi? Thank you in advance. –  nonozor Nov 17 '12 at 8:54
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